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Newlite PRO HPS 1000 W lamps DE 2100 PPF lamps present the most advanced manufacturing technologies and gas mixture research, being specially indicated for high yield plants.

Newlite PRO HPS 1000 W lamps DE 2100 PPF has a far-red spectral peak at 760nm that is outside the Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) but within the Yield Photon Flux (YPF) measuring ranges, delivering a total YPF photosynthetic intensity of 2337 μmol/s, which improves the flowering and fructification development of the plants.

Newlite PRO HPS 1000 W lamps DE 2100 PPF allow to use greater intensity with the same energy consumption, thus increasing the product yield with the same energy costs on the same area.

Relevant Features

PRO version, with increased efficiency, 2.1 µmol/J.
Greater far-red intensity to increase the flowering process.
Greater intensity: PPF - 2100 µmol/J ; YPF - 2337 µmol/J.
Optimised for high frequency ballasts.
The professional spectrum of the Newlite Pro HPS 1000 W DE 2100 PPF lamp has an important far-red peak close to 780 nm that considerably increases the plant flowering stage.

Technical Specifications

AC Input Power
1000 W
AC Input Voltage
220 V - 400 V
AC Input Current
5 A
Color Temperature
1990 K
Pulse Start
4 - 5 kV
High Frequency
<50 kHz
Re-start Time
3 minutes
K12X30S Double-Ended
47 ± 2 mm
Maximum Length
394 mm
Lamp-holder Maximum Temperature
250 ºC
Lamp Maximum Temperature
700 ºC
Type of Luminaires
Operating Position
Horizontal ±15º