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Newlite Full Equipe Pro Glasses allow you to reduce the intensity of light that your eyes receive, correct the orange tones of HPS lamps and compensate for the imbalance of red and blue generated by pink-purple LED lamps (target spectrum), which emit mainly blue and red light.

Thanks to its three interchangeable lenses made of poly-carbonate, the vision inside the crop will be clear and reliable, so that possible deficiencies or pests will be detected quickly, making it easier to prevent the spread of diseases in the crop. The different lenses are easily interchangeable in the frame, and the most suitable option can be chosen depending on the type of lighting selected for the crop. All the lenses have UV 400 protection against ultraviolet rays.

Newlite Full Equipe Pro Glasses also function as protective glasses for work as they fit over the face to prevent splashes and dust, which makes them a necessary protective equipment to carry out daily cultivation tasks with protection for the eyes.