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Ceramic metal halide (CMH) or LEC lamps have a higher blue to red ratio than other high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps. This makes the process of plant growth and flowering more natural, as the spectrum is more similar to sunlight.

The Newlite CMH LEC 315W lamps are indicated in crops where a vegetative and flowering spectrum is needed. Due to its low power it is suitable for small or laboratory crops, 80 cm² per unit.

For maximum performance this product requires a low frequency ballast for 315W CMH LEC lamps, although they are also compatible with high frequency ballasts. Lamps with CMH or LEC technology should not be dimmed to wattages other than those for which they are designed, as this can drastically shorten the life of the lamp.

This lamp is available in two different colour temperatures:

  • 3000K: suitable for full development processes where flowering is enhanced.
  • 4200K: suitable for full development processes where the vegetative process is balanced with the flowering process.

Both are mixed lamps, designed for the complete cycle from propagation, from cloning or germination to vegetative and flowering, covering from the beginning to the end of the production.

CMH or LEC lamps offer a more homogeneous light spectrum than sodium lamps. This greatly enhances the development of secondary metabolites: alkaloids (cannabinoids), terpenes and phenols.

Newlite CMH LEC 315 W lamps are installed in reflectors with PGZ18 bulb holders or in E40 reflectors using an adapter.

Relevant features

CMH or LEC lamps have a broader colour spectrum range than sodium lamps.
A broader spectrum means greater quality in the final product of the plants.
They are indicated in plants in which a full spectrum is needed.
The light spectrum is more homogeneous than in sodium lamps.
They favour an improved development of secondary metabolites: alkaloids, terpenes and phenols.
Newlite CMH 315 W 3000K
3000K. Spectrum recommended for processes in which flowering is increased.
Newlite CMH 315 W 4200K
4200K. Spectrum recommended for processes with a balanced vegetative and flowering development.

Technical specifications

AC Input power
315 W
AC Input voltage
220 V
AC Input current
1.45 A
Start pulse
3.5 - 5 kV
< 400 Hz
High frequency
Re-start Time
10 minutes
38 ± 2 mm
Maximum Length
194 mm
Maximum Temperature of Lamp-holder
250 ºC
Maximum Temperature of Lamp
700 ºC
Type of Luminaire
Operating Position
Horizontal ±15º