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The Newlite LED IndoorLED C 225P 100 W luminaires are light-emitting diode (LED) devices for propagation of plants.

If you are looking for optimum development during the first plant stages, increasing root generation and reducing production times, choose professional lighting equipment for vertical cultivation.

Newlite IndoorLED C 225P 100 W is a LED lighting module for plant shelves used for propagation processes (cloning or germination). Its light spectrum is specially designed for increasing root generation in the plant.

Its reduced height, barely 25 mm, allows it to be used in most shelves for cuttings. It also has mounting accessories.

In tailor-made projects, the integration of Newlite IndoorLED C 225P 100 W into specific shelf models can be customised, being used for indoor propagation facilities and Vertical Farming.

Relevant Features

Spectrum designed especially for plant rooting.
No flicker or flashing, providing a constant flow of energy (light) for the plant.
IP66 protection for high humidity environments.
Next-generation LED, presenting high efficiency, lower consumption and more light intensity.
Profile with a very low height, less than 25 mm, allowing a more efficient use of height and space, which favours a greater distance from the plants, making growth more homogeneous.
Better integration on shelves.
It allows chain connection in projects, improving integration.
Easy to install.
Adjustable intensity from centralised control (0-10 V).

Technical specifications

AC Input Power
100 W ± 5%
AC Input Voltage
100 ~ 240 V AC
230 μmol/s
2.3 μmol/J
100 W with optional centralised control (0-10 V)
Source Signal Driver, 0/1 - 10 V OFF /10-100%
IP Rating
IP66 (high humidity)
1200 mm (Length) x 480 mm (Width) x 23 mm (Height)
1.76 kg