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The digital Newlite CMH LEC 315W ballast is used as a lighting system component and is installed separately from the lamp and the reflector.

It is used with CMH LEC lamps in greenhouses and small and medium growing areas, or where a high light intensity is not required.

A C13 ballast output connector allows the connection to a reflector using a standard C14 cable.

It is protected against lamps that are worn due to use, short circuit, open circuit (lamp not installed), and start failure (lamp in poor condition), as well as thermal protection.

Newlite CMH LEC 315W ballast is a low frequency, square wave ballast that allows to obtain the best performance in CMH lamps.

The use of ballasts that are not suitable for CMH or LEC lamps causes them to deteriorate rapidly.

CMH LEC lamps are non-dimmable and so this ballast has no control option, in order to protect the lamps during their entire useful life and thus obtain the best growing performance.

Relevant features

Built-in voltage stabiliser.
Digital, electronic, adjustable low-frequency ballast.
Designed for CMH LEC 315 W lamps.
Safety protection to extend the life of the lamp, warm start.

Technical specifications

Input power AC
315 W
Input voltage AC
208 - 250 V
Power factor
> 0.99
Input frequency AC
50 - 60 Hz
Output frequency
170 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 8%
Control signal
0 - 10 V
Environment temperature
-25 ºC - 35 ºC
Environment humidity
0% - 90%
L 270 mm x W 105 mm x H 70 mm
2.5 kg