Lighting for
Technical Horticulture
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A leading company in the lighting sector
Professional Plant Lighting Manufacturers

We continue to conduct research and innovate as professional grow light manufacturers.



Newlite is a leading company in the high performance professional grow light sector. As manufacturers of professional grow lights, research and innovation are the genetic markers of our basic DNA.

Our mission is to enhance the extraordinary technological applications of light in a society with ever-increasing demands for solutions related to agro-industrial plant production.

Horticultural Lighting Suppliers

We manufacture and distribute professional lighting systems for industrial and professional plant growing based on our own technology. Our service, products and lighting equipment allow us to provide our customers with the best artificial lighting for technical horticulture. Our service, product and lighting equipment allow us to offer our clients the best artificial lighting for technical horticulture.

In addition to providing lighting solutions for high value, high performance indoor plant growing, Newlite is also a leader in the development of LED technology for indoor plants due to its incessant commitment to R&D. In this respect, we take pride in the quality of our plant lighting and growth solutions in technical horticulture.

Wholesale distributors of lighting for horticultural projects

Newlite’s positioning in the sector is that of a distributor and manufacturer of lights for relevant professional growers. We provide technical solutions for all lighting applications in intensive high-productivity plants, as well as personalised advice during each of the project implementation phases, to guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients.