Newlite HPS Technology
Newlite Pro AUVL HPS 600W E40 230V Lamp


In the Newlite Pro AUVL 600 W lamp, the electric current is discharged through a tube containing high pressure sodium vapour along with another gas mixture. The resulting light has great intensity and a wide spectrum, ideal for lighting any indoor cultivation stage.


Newlite Pro AUVL 600 W lamps are compatible with any ballast, whether electronic or magnetic. Thanks to its balanced combination between lumen intensity and colour temperature, high blue peaks and some even higher red peaks are obtained in its spectrum. Therefore both vegetative growth and flowering are vigorous, particularly during the final cultivation stage when the final product, fruits, buds or flowers must be fattened.


Manufactured in Germany by AUVL, a global leading grow light manufacturer. Due to the quality of their components and manufacture, Newlite Pro AUVL 600 W lamps are highly appreciated by indoor plant growers for their durability and reliability.


Newlite Pro AUVL 600 W 40E 230V lamps are specially designed to last and increase production.


Relevant Features
Lamp manufactured in Germany with the highest quality control.
Greater PPF intensity.
Exceptionally stable intensity during its useful life.
Spectrum specifically designed for horticulture.
Newlite Pro AUVL HPS 600W E40 230V Spectrum
The different gas mixes inside the Newlite PRO AUVL lamp allow a different spectrum which favours flowering processes.
Technical Specifications
AC Input Power
600 W
AC Input Voltage
117 V - 230 V
AC Input Current
5 A
1100 μmol/s
1.79 μmol/J
Pulse start
3,5 - 5 kV
High frequency
Re-start time
46 ± 1 mm
Maximum length
285 mm
Lamp-holder maximum temperature
250 ºC
Lamp maximum temperature
400 ºC
Type of luminaires
Operating position
Any angle