Newlite MH Technology
Newlite Metal Halide MH 1000W 6000K DE Lamp

Newlite Metal Halide MH 1000W 6000K Double-Ended (DE) lamp (not ceramic) is mainly used for vegetative stages or complementing flowering proccesses.

It presents a color temperature similar to sunlight (6000K).

It presents a high capacity for mantaining the intensity of the energy (light) through the useful life of the lamp.

Newlite Metal Halide MH 1000W 6000K DE is designed for luminaires with Double-Ended high frequency lamp-holders.

Technical Specifications
1020 µmol/s
Light Output (lumens/hour)
90000 lm/h
Lumens per Watt
150 lm/W
Color rendering index (CRI) or (Ra)
Burning position
HOR +15º
Easy to use
Physical Data
Maximum temperature of the base
200 ºC
Maximum temperature of the lamp
400 ºC
Type of luminaire
Open / Closed
Electrical Data
ANSI standard ballast
AC Input Power
600 W
AC Input Voltage
110 V
AC Input Intensity
6.0 A
Pulse Start
4 - 5 V
Voltage Circuit Opening
198 V
Pulse Width
Pulses per 1/2 Cycle
Pulse Position Electric Degrees
60º-90º ; 240º-270º