Newlite EXT Technology
Newlite ControlEXT TS1 Controller

Newlite Control EXT TS1 is a controller for the centralised control of grow light equipment. It permits the on and off times to be set and power control of equipment fitted with a signal connector for external control.

Newlite ControlEXT TS1 can be set easily and intuitively by means of its touch screen. It has buttons for important adjustments, preventing the accidental changing of settings that could affect the plants.

Newlite ControlEXT TS1 functions with any grow light equipment with a power of between 100 and 9999 W, for any HPS, MH or LED technology with an EXT 0-10V (analogue) or PWM (digital) control connector.

Newlite ControlEXT TS1 can control up to 100 lighting devices divided into two growing áreas, 50 in each area.


Relevant features
Single-point control, easy, fast and safe connection and control of all the growing equipment.
Controls 2 independent areas.
Touch settings screen.
Temperature and humidity control.
Replaces contactors and timers on the control panel.
Easy, fast installation, low-voltage equipment.
With protection against short circuits.
Controls up to 100 lighting devices.
Reduces the light intensity and temperature in the presence of extreme temperatures.
Bluetooth settings app that is easy to configure and use.
Technical Specifications
AC Input Voltage
110 V ~ 230 V
Power Consumption
24 W
AC Output Voltage
0 V ~ 12 V
Independent Areas
2 x Humidity and Temperature
Control Range
1 % ~ 115%
Configurable Power Range
100 W ~ 9999 W
Output Relays