Product specifications:

  • Hight quality Open Adjustable Aluminium Reflector.
  • 630W/945W/1000W Double Ended Lamps.
  • CMH/MH/HPS Lamps may be used.
  • Allows connection to an External Controller.
  • The Ultimate equipment for any type of crop.


Flex DE luminaire technical details and usage.

The big reflector uses a wider angle along with an adjustable system and the aluminium quality providing more light to the lower leaves even when the available space among them is very limited.

The equipment has a power rotative selector, where you can select different powers from 660W to 1150W. It contains an extra position EXT to connect an external controller (not included) allowing to control a numerous group of equipments from the same spot. This option allows to switch on and off the equipments without relays, since when off the equipment would directly receive the adequate signals from the controller through the connectors.

The equipment includes a projection system and detects the type of lamp installed automatically. These can be Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

A HPS lamp allows to regulate its power, so that adapts the quantity of light emitted to the plant in the different growing stages.

The lamp holders are ceramic, designed to withstand extreme temperatures without deforming.

The automatic protection systems preserve the CMH lamp, so that in case of a power shortage and once the power is restarted, the protection will maintain the CMH lamps off during a long time until they cool down completely. After that, it will switch on securely automatically. By this means CMH lamps early damage is prevented.