Technical Lighting Design & Development for Greenhouses

¿What is NEWLITE?

Production is the key word for any cultivation, and lighting is a fundamental part of the plant development process. Newlite brings technical knowledge and a range of products for all types of crops, whether intensive or extensive.

At Newlite, we manufacture technical luminaries for greenhouses focusing on the professional sector. Stability and spectrum are the key factors when selecting our lamps, after testing their performance and efficiency in our laboratories.

Newlite lamps are a fundamental part of the crop output, since they are most efficient with the spectrum, endurance and power, so are the lamps proposed for technical lighting.

Undoubtedly, lighting is one of the most relevant factors to bear in mind to succeed in crop production. Plants achieve their different growth stages relying on the energy provided by light sources. An adequate light absorption plays a crucial role.

These are the types of light sources you would find in our Newlite website:

•  CMH: Ceramic Metal Halide.
•  HPS: High Pressure Sodium.
•  Led.

The energy received by plants is different depending on the type of light source; therefore, their development will also be different.