Exceptional COB LED semiconductor luminaire with applications in vertical and propagation crops.

Length adapted to any crop tray, with exceptional efficiency in the vertical layer position.

Glass optic opening angle wider than 55º.

Fixed spectrometry. Type S1 (available on request in other spectrum combinations: S2, S3 and S4)

Aluminium extruded profile in lengths (110 cm, 11 COBs, 70W) and (90 cm, 9 COBs, 55W)

Reutlinger suspension system.

Effective depth of field of 1m.

External power source.

Technical specifications

  • Standard ballast ANSI --------------------> 110/70cm
  • Lamp power (W) --------------------> 11 LEDs ultra efficiency
  • Lamp operating voltage (V) --------------------> 85V-265V AC
  • Lamp operating current (Amps) --------------------> 70 W
  • Start-up pulse --------------------> 60 degrees
  • Voltage circuit open (RMS) --------------------> IP66
  • Product size  --------------------> 110x6.3x2.7cm
  • Box size --------------------> 120x9x5cm
  • Weight --------------------> 2.26 Kg