CMH Luminaire 630W

The CMH Luminaire 630W is used with Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lamps with double terminal in technical crops, grow rooms and professional greenhouses.

Double ended light luminaires have a lower thermal index and higher PAR performance than the PGZX18/E40.

High quality aluminium closed  reflector with a high light reflection coefficient. Silver 9. Manufacturer Alanod.

The extruded aluminium structure makes it very robust.

The Newlite CMH doubled ended lamp 4,200 K is especially designed for radiation, promoting growth through ultraviolet and blue tinges, and boosting flowering with its high red and infrared concentration of radiation.

Input specifications



Input voltage 175V AC 265V AC
Input frequency 50/60Hz
AC input Current 6.27A 6.92A Measured at full load and 175 V AC input
4.14A 4.57A Measured at full load and 240 V AC input
Ignition delay time 1-2s 3s

Protection specifications


Functions Temperature Comments
Overheating protection 65ºC Ambient temperature
Open, short circuit protection Yes
Ballast waterproof rating IP50

Output specifications


Lamp electrical data Performance data
Lamp Power 1000W Lumen per watt (approx. depends on lamp) 105lm/w
Lamp Voltage 215V CCT 2050K
Ignition position Horizontal

Temperature specifications


Description Minimum Maximum Comments
Ambient temperature -15ºC +45ºC Humidity: 10% RH to 100% RH

General specifications



Efficiency 93.00% 95.00%
Guarantee period 2 Years At an 380V AC input, full charge.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 560x325x144 mmxmmxmm
Weight 6.8Kg