LED horticultural lighting distributor

The use of LED technology in the field of horticulture is very recent. While it is true that this technology has been used in other sectors for decades, the high demands on lamp intensity and spectrum have required LEDs much more advanced that can be really profitable so they can justify the high investment.

As a distributor of LED lighting for horticulture, Newlite designs the equipment you need using the most advanced technologies for chip manufacturing, safety and electrical conversion of LED lamps.


Suppliers of professional horticultural LED panels

In addition, as a manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting our objectives include to increase the durability of equipment and to maintain the highest tested efficacy levels in the industry. In this way, our LED solutions for indoor growing and greenhouses provide a differentiating value that translates into results: the spectrum and efficacy of the latest generations of Newlite’s horticultural LEDs raise productivity considerably compared to other technologies.

This technology allows us to design tailor-made spectra for each project, helping the healthy development of the plants and achieving the best results, translated into higher levels of productivity.

High-quality horticultural LED lights

On the other hand, professional versions of horticultural LED lighting are very efficient and substantially reduce energy losses. They mitigate heat in the growing environment and reduce investment in HVAC and air conditioning energy consumption.

At first, choosing high quality LED equipment will mean a higher investment, but it is fully justified, as the total energy of the project is considerably reduced, allowing a quick payback and a significant reduction in production costs.