Grow light ballast manufacturer

As a manufacturer of grow light ballasts, Newlite innovates, not only in product design, but in the design of its components, paying special attention to care of the lamps to obtain the highest efficiency and durability in use.


Suppliers of ballasts for professional horticulture

The ballasts for technical horticulture are used with HID high pressure lamps that require specific electric characteristics that cannot be provided directly by the power socket. These lamps are connected to the ballast output and provide the start-up, stability and safety they need to achieve the best performance of their technical specifications.

Each HID lamp requires specific electrical characteristics and will be affected to a great extent by how the ballast is supplied, its durability in operating hours and the intensity of the light it projects.

Furthermore, in technical horticulture lighting equipment, every electrical watt plays a very important part in production costs. For that reason, selecting quality components that extend the life of the lamps, increase their intensity and reduce consumption is a guarantee of success in the harvest, as well as significant cost savings.

Extensive catalogue of ballasts for technical horticulture

That is why wholesale ballast distributors put their trust in us, as we are one of the most important suppliers of ballasts for professional horticulture in Europe, in order to obtain excellent results in terms of durability and quality and reduce unnecessary surplus costs.