HPS Electronic Ballast 600W

A 3mm x 1.5mm cable and IEC 1.5m plug are required for the proper functioning of this equipment.

Electronic Ballast 600W for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps is used as a component in lighting systems for greenhouses and small and medium-sized indoor grow areas, where the lamp and reflector are installed separately.

C13 ballast output connector to be used with a standard C14 cable to a reflector

Protection against worn out over time use lamp, short circuit, open circuit (lamp not installed), failure to start (lamp in poor condition) and thermal protection.

Allows 15 metres between the equipment and the lamp, with the appropriate wiring.

Technical Input Specifications

  • Voltage range --------> 220V/240V
  • Maximum current --------> 3.7A
  • Power Factor--------> >0.98
  • Short circuit protection --------> Internal fuse
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) --------> >10%
  • Input frequency --------> 50Hz/60Hz

Technical Output Specifications

  • Output power -------> >600W
  • Lamp voltage -------> 75V AC - 160V AC
  • Output frequency -------> >60KHz
  • Crest factor -------> <1.7
  • Open circuit voltage -------> >200V
  • Ignition voltage -------> <4KV
  • Efficiency -------> >94% (240V AC)